API Economy

Infosys API Economy delivers a hyper connected digital ecosystem for your business. Our suite of offerings is helping enterprises extend market reach, streamline business processes and create new sources of value.

Case Studies

Infosys recently revamped the infrastructure of a multinational bank, improving their peer-to-peer (P2P) multiprotocol architecture and an excessive 5,000 point-to-point interfaces to connect backend systems to the customer facing ones. Read more here.

A major telecommunications company wanted to launch a new youth brand that offered innovative value-added digital services. Infosys helped enable this with our Agile implementation and our platform for API and Microservices. Read more here.

The ‘Smart Government’ initiative by a major business hub in the Middle East focused on increasing the happiness of its citizens by optimizing the services provided at a reduced cost. Read more here.

The Client: A Large American Insurer

The Problem: Gaining more exposure across the overall enterprise by building internal APIs that could be expanded to partner and public APIs

How did Infosys make a difference?

  • Assessed multiple API platforms to find the best fit for the client, engaged in its implementation, management and governance
  • Developed 100+ APIs to allow for faster integration of internal and partner systems, and provided 24/7 production support

What does this mean for our client?

  • 100% SLA compliance for their customers securing the client’s position as an industry leader
  • With 100+ API policies deployed, the client now has access to a hub of innovation which will lead to faster integration with their partner and public APIs

The Client: A Large Telecom Provider

The Problem

  • Redesign the online web application to provide a seamless experience for customers to manage their account, find offers, get bills, make payments, order services using APIs
  • Expose backend services to POS systems at stores and enable associates to provide a unique shopping experience for in-store customers
  • Engage external app developers to build innovative apps on top of client services and generate additional revenue opportunities

How did Infosys make a difference?

  • Agile development of APIs using Apigee Edge and Microservices
  • Organized complete design, development, implementation, QA and operations management
  • Development of common code frameworks for request validations, fault handling, OAuth, and CI/CD framework to automate build and deployment of code across environments

What does this mean for our client?

  • Rapid delivery of APIs to cater to business requirements, enabling better predictability of timelines to cater to new business requirements and enhancements
  • API foundation and reusable code fragments to fast track future programs
  • Monetization of services to send SMS, track customer location

The Client: A Large European Bank

The Problem

  • Desire to revamp the wholesale portal experience by consolidating servicing of product and services, needed a solution focused on advanced visualizations and analytics
  • Move to single code base for desktop and mobile sites to optimize maintenance costs
  • Legacy banking portal based on traditional architecture resulting in higher change impacts for frequent updates

How did Infosys make a difference?

  • Architecture definition and solution implementation, enabling responsive, single-page architecture for UI, which would leverage APIs to achieve the portal functionality
  • Service layer on Fuse ESB based on Microservices architecture leveraging the OSGi bundle versioning
  • Distributed active configuration of Fuse-ESB leveraging Fabric which allows horizontal scaling with no single point of failure

What does this mean for our client?

  • Enabled legacy modernization of applications and 50% increase in operational efficiency
  • Faster time for development with backend changes limited to individual microservices, faster release cycles with lesser change impacts
  • Complete control on scaling individual functionalities as driven by business needs/growth


Service Offerings

Open API Business Strategy for Monetization of APIs

Hybrid Integration & iPAAS for multi-cloud ecosystem

Pluggable IoT Integration using APIs

Fast Data & Analytics for Real Time Decisions on multiple device interfaces

Digital Experience Layer for Optimizing user experience and driving self-servicing

Monoliths to Microservices App Rewrite and Cloud Enablement

Solution Offerings

Infosys Microservices Platform

A prefabricated microservices platform for API-led development powered by open source framework and tools

Infosys API Platform Operation Management

A set of templates, utilities and re-usable technical components for streamlining API platform operations

Infosys DevOps Platform

Toolsets to support end to end DevOps for distributed agile delivery

Infosys Integration Workbench

Infosys tool to automate pattern based interface build, unit testing and deployment cycles while enabling continuous integration and delivery

Open API Framework

Open API reference architecture and set of APIs for Banking and Telco domains

Infosys Banking and Telco APIs

A set of pre-identified APIs to support an API first approach for digital transformation


What’s New

Industry Recognition

  • MuleSoft Partner of the Year Award for driving Customer Success
Infosys award

‘Simpler, smarter, stronger’ was the headline at the Software AG sales kick-off in Madrid, from 16th to 18th January 2018, where Infosys was awarded the PowerUp Partner of the Year award 2017 by Software AG.

Software AG selected the winners from amongst a group of nominees, from their partner ecosystem, who have successfully enabled their solutions to accelerate digital transformation across global enterprises.

The award was given to Infosys by Eric Duffaut, Chief Customer Officer in the Global go-to-market excellence category. Eric headed a panel discussion in which S.P. Singh, Vice President and Delivery Head, EAIS, Infosys along with three other panel members participated. Satya articulated how SAG’s product stack with end-to-end digital capabilities aligns with Infosys digital strategy, making them an important strategic partner. He also emphasized on the fact that partnering does not necessarily mean creating solutions in labs. Instead, it is more about building solutions on the ground for customers.

Read more

Infosys award

The TIBCO Global Partner of the year award was handed by Murray Rode (CEO, TIBCO) to Srinivas Kamadi (VP Sales, EAIS, DX, ECAS, Infosys) at TIBCO Now 2018, TIBCO’s flagship event which took place from September 4 to 6 at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Infosys, a global leader in consulting, technology, and next-generation services, is recognized with the Partner Excellence Award for driving customer success. Infosys' strategic relationship with TIBCO has been nurtured for over 17 years. Today, the company is a Global Consulting Partner with a strong go-to-market value proposition and a global services team. Infosys forms part of a select group of partners that implement end-to-end enterprise digital transformation solutions developed with TIBCO's new-age technology platforms. A press release of the award is available here.

For details related to our TIBCO practice please write to askus@infosys.com, with a subject line saying TIBCO Practice Enquiry