API Speed Layer brings together core capabilities needed to unleash agility in user experience, open API and digital transformation initiatives. These capabilities include simple, fast serving of data from across the enterprise’s internal, supplier and consumer ecosystems, as well as creating business and channel capability microservices that allow for rapid agile realization of digital use cases.

API Speed Layer provides extreme agility in building differentiating digital capabilities based on the enterprise’s core and ecosystem data and processes.

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500k+ operations savings annually    4X Increase in API Velocity    30% savings in API dev cycle time

3 pillar proven execution blueprint

800+ Digital API & design archetypes library

50+ High maturity practices

10+ integrated flavors across open source and 3rd party options

Execution methodology curated through 20+ programs

Rapidly building industrialized cloud-native execution platforms

Design Studio: Experience led, Blueprinting

Elastic delivery & curated activation services


Challenges & solutions

  • Unlocks systems of differentiation
  • Agility in platforms and distributive businesses

  • Simplification of data access from legacy core through APIs
  • Reducing exposure of Legacy core
  • Scale and speed on tap for digital plays and network priming

  • Event centric
  • Legacy decoupling
  • Offloading