Case Study

A hyper-efficient helpline for senior citizens by Openreach

Openreach, a subsidiary of the BT Group, maintains the telco's network in the United Kingdom. It provides last-mile access to retail customers and businesses. Its customers include a vulnerable segment of users living in old age homes and geriatric care centers.

Openreach prioritizes the resolution of service issues for this cohort of customers. The company has a dedicated helpdesk looking into complaints from these customers. However, customer support was far from efficient.

After the inbound call, an engineer is dispatched to the site for resolving the issue within four hours, as per the service level agreement (SLA). At an operational level, Openreach could not adhere to the SLA due to a complex, manual process.


The Solution

Contact center automation with RPA

RPA solution improves efficiency of helpdesk, which can now manage 600 cases daily

Infosys automated the dedicated helpdesk handling requests from vulnerable customers on a priority basis. We reduced issue resolution from 20 minutes to one minute.



Automation enables 24x7 contact center management

RPA solution enabled swift and efficient customer service

Serves customers 24x7, while reducing headcount of contact center agents

Automation simplified case management and resolution

Handles about 600 cases daily, and generates annual savings of around £ 100,000

Automation reduces turnaround time for each complaint, while improving customer service

  • Customized robotic process automation (RPA) solution receives calls and processes complaints 24/7
  • Ingests and collates data from various applications, and automatically raises a service ticket
  • Schedules a visit to the customer from engineers on standby