The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice helps network carriers and operators grow in saturated markets by attracting and retaining subscribers. Our digital scoring models analyze data usage and spend patterns to create user profiles and segment customers based on Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). It enhances the digital lifestyle of millennials while maximizing the lifetime value of customers with relevant communication and engagement techniques, including premium customer support.

We combine big data analytics, data science and machine learning to identify service issues and preempt customer attrition. Moreover, it helps develop win-back policies for customers on the verge of defection.

Our process-centric approach and zero distance philosophy enable you to deliver a consistent experience across products, services and touch points. Our tools for marketing automation rationalize the cost of customer engagement to mitigate account / product churn. Further, it enriches customer retention by mapping the subscriber profile to the context as well as the portfolio of engagement / campaign artifacts.

We harness insights from subscriber behavior across content and products to deliver personalized experiences.

Content distribution

White Paper: SDN assures superior service

The integration of Software-Defined Networks (SDN) with IT systems increases the efficiency of telecom networks significantly.


Challenges & Solutions

Customer retention made easy with a team of 7,000+ professionals with rich experience in CRM functionalities, technology platforms and packages offered by Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Amdocs Clarify, Salesforce.com, and Pegasystems.

Infosys CRM Academy develops skills through boot camps and advanced training programs, creates proprietary methodologies and tools, and accelerates projects with customized go-to-market solutions.

Infosys Experience Labs for usability testing and visual designing leverages lightweight technologies and responsive frameworks to deliver superior multi-device, multi-service user experiences.