The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice partners with communication service providers, cable operators and last mile access service providers to implement trouble ticket management solutions. We integrate the solution with your OSS/BSS stack to identify network failures, initiate a resolution, notify stakeholders, and track the status of each trouble ticket.

We map trouble tickets with the network inventory to empower the operations center with relevant information for prompt and accurate resolution. Our team applies design thinking to identify and address information gaps. We develop B2B interfaces when trouble ticket resolution demands the exchange of data between the service assurance operations team and third-party managed service providers.

Our patented knowledge model analyzes the context of a trouble ticket, isolates the issue, and uses relevant data to resolve it.

Trouble Ticket Management

Challenges & Solutions

Big data solutions leverage diverse types of data to resolve issues, including cost of component(s), engineering records, maintenance schedules, network migration plans, fault / performance management system, alert logs, and historical trouble ticket data.

The Patented model dynamically constructs a framework to identify a failure by associating it with subscribers / network elements, and undertakes a diagnostics test to determine the cause of failure.

Standardized deployment models for optical fiber delivery topologies (FTTx), Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) networks, and wireless / satellite systems.

Extreme automation platform creates ‘intelligent robots’ to resolve ITSM tickets and execute tasks with minimal human intervention, as well as manage spikes in ticket volumes without additional FTEs.