The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice helps your customers embrace a digital lifestyle by ensuring they are always connected. Our mobility-specific business models are aligned with a broad spectrum of connected devices that influence how the digital generation lives and works. In addition, it addresses the challenges of on-demand provisioning, dynamic demand for bandwidth, and device encryption.

We understand the security, connectivity and price-sensitive requirements of customers who use your network for both personal and business use. Our suite of personal productivity tools and enterprise mobility solutions account for network elements and capacity to address the lifestyle and communication preferences of diverse demographic segments.

Our cloud-based carrier-grade solutions use open architecture and standardized governance practices to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP). We design responsive user interfaces for seamless content consumption and transition between screens. Robust backend system integration facilitates the use of geospatial data for location-based services, enhances the performance of digital lifestyle products, and drives advanced mobile analytics.

Our enterprise-grade security solutions safeguard data, applications, networks, services, and content.

Connected Lifestyle

White Paper: Microservices redefine telecommunications

A microservices architecture augments critical components of business support systems, including product catalogs and order management.


Challenges & Solutions

‘Factory’ model application development resources optimize HTML5, hybrid and native mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows).

Infosys Mobile Test Center of Excellence accelerates adaptive, functional, non-functional, security, automation, and accessibility testing using proprietary tools and real-time middleware components.

Infosys WindTunnel, our mobile network testing tool, analyzes network conditions to mitigate variability issues and enhance the robustness of mobile applications.