Network service fulfillment solutions of Infosys enhance the lead-to-cash cycle at wireline, wireless, satellite, television, and cable broadband enterprises. Our service fulfillment platforms break down orders into sub-processes to minimize service design and delivery time for bundling data, voice and video products. A dynamic fulfillment process enables the creation of component-based services and simplifies the launch of new products.

Infosys automates the order-to-cash process for demand prioritization and supply allocation optimization. Automation ensures data accuracy across the enterprise and supports activation of new services over legacy as well as new elements of the network. Our supply chain management solutions streamline procurement of network equipment while rationalizing the supplier ecosystem.

Our integrated approach supports business planning, inventory management, assurance, and statutory compliance.

Service Fulfillment

Challenges & Solutions

Expertise in integrating supply chain visibility and collaboration solutions with tracking devices, and fulfillment stacks with field service management, network management, provisioning, and customer experience management systems.

Standardized architecture and unified processes for service fulfillment rationalize the cost of activating new products and services.

Repository of tools and accelerators for service design and cataloging, network configuration, capacity assignment, fallout resolution, and service order activation.