The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice offers Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to boost operational efficiency and rationalize development costs for bundled products. We connect the Business Support System (BSS) and provisioning layers, and create web interfaces between enterprise catalog and sales / order management systems to enable runtime order validation and enrichment. Significantly, online retrieval of catalog information supports configuration, pricing and quoting functionalities, as well as omnichannel sales.

We combine a catalog-driven fulfillment approach and SOA-based service integration with predefined structures and components of TM Forum Frameworx to define PLM processes, catalog services, and boundaries / functionalities. We create product modeling frameworks for active catalog solutions and synchronize product data across diverse applications.

Infosys preloads fulfillment logic in active catalog solutions, which enables customized product bundling. We streamline provisioning, service activation, communication management, and product and service inventory management. Our tools for specification management and abstraction of products, services and resources include commercial, functional, technical, physical, and virtual dimensions of products. Significantly, our componentized data models facilitate reuse of product and service data across the product lifecycle.

Our tools for visibility into network elements, assets and products support order provisioning flow as well as product portfolio management.

Product Lifecycle Management

White Paper: Microservices redefine telecommunications

A microservices architecture augments critical components of business support systems, including product catalogs and order management.


Challenges & Solutions

Mature PLM ecosystem with 100+ functional and technical experts and 75+ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Sigma Solutions Center of Excellence includes 50+ SMEs trained in Sigma Product Catalog and Catalog Services and a state-of-the-art laboratory to develop diverse product modeling use cases and catalog solutions for offers, bundling, promotions, pricing, and rules.

Experience spans consulting and systems integration services across the PLM value chain, and conceptualizing, design and implementation of product catalog transformation programs for tier 1 telcos.