The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice offers Insights-as-a-Service by leveraging open source technologies and components. Our analytical algorithms help networks engage the right customer with the right service portfolio at the right time.

Data-driven operations deepen subscriber engagement. Our models consume diverse data, such as demographic, billing, usage (plan / product / content), mobile / IoT device, social sentiment, call log, and servicing equipment / asset data, to provide predictive insights into customer churn, quality of service, network maintenance, marketing campaigns, and revenue leakage.

Our library of proven analytical use cases and ready-to-use models helps carriers monetize network assets while managing spikes in demand for bandwidth. Significantly, insights into the cause of network latency and drop in customer satisfaction enable remedial action to enhance the experience and maximize investment in infrastructure.

Infosys conducts joint research with the Institute for Computation & Mathematical Engineering (ICME), Stanford University, to apply data science and analytics for addressing business issues. Our team of 200+ analysts and data scientists and 500+ big data technology experts combine machine learning and design thinking to help telecom networks launch products, reduce data packet loss, rationalize maintenance, and plan capacity expansion.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Information Platform (IIP), our plug-and-play analytical platform, incorporates components for superior data management – ingestion, cleansing, modeling, and visualization – to derive meaningful insights.

Infosys Data Federation Framework for data virtualization and self-service enablement seamlessly integrates disparate data sources and minimizes the cost of data storage.

Infosys Data Governance and Data Quality Framework addresses security, governance and reporting requirements by tracking issues and facilitating remediation.