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The challenge of digital transformation for communications service providers

As the primary enabler of network connectivity, communication service providers are right placed to provide true digital experience to the consumers and corporates alike through technology and business innovation.

They need to transform themselves in the way they do business, they operate across the complex and dynamic value chain.

Personalized, contextualized Omni channel experience across traditional and digital services should be driving customer engagement. Marketplace economy would be backbone of business scaling.

Enterprise IT need to support business agility, provide seamless and secure access to data and partner capabilities to provide enhanced value to the customers.

Networks need to be secure, programmable, self-managed, to support low latency, high reliability, high throughput at low cost as necessary to support unified communication and IoT.

Managing dynamic workloads, network slices, on demand services and functions, leveraging analytics and automation would be key to operate with efficiency.

This is where we come in. We can help you get from where you are to where you aspire to be. Our rich experience in digital technologies and keen focus on operational excellence and customer experience drive innovation. Our offerings help you navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities while leveraging your traditional strengths and legacy investments.

AI-powered core competencies to build a deeply automated foundation that serves vital insights to prioritize execution of change.

We establish a robust data foundation, which empowers you to harvest real-time insights to improve drive profitability, experience and efficiency. Data driven approach helps you expand into new markets, while providing a consistent user experience across different services.

Our analytical solutions integrate sources of data within and beyond the enterprise to deliver rich communications experiences. Our consultants leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence-based platforms for strategic initiatives to realize the goals of a digital transformation. NLP/AI driven automation boosts enterprise productivity, while enabling you to improve turnaround times on various business and operational transactions. We can enable seamless personalization and contextualization across various customer transactions leveraging the power of AI and NLP

Agile digital at scale to create new enterprise-wide capability that delivers unprecedented levels of business performance and customer delight.

You require simple and agile processes and configurable systems to roll out new in-house or partner capabilities and products. Scaled digital would be key to collaboration and innovation

Our capabilities in block chain, ONAP, IoT can really accelerate agile, digital transformation.

We support migration of legacy networks to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) to make network operations more agile and programmable. Our DevOps/NetOps tools support the necessary agility. The open API platform accelerates the development and deployment of innovative services driving Bi Modal IT

Always-on learning to drive continuous improvement by transferring digital skills from a cross-section of industries and innovation ecosystems.

Our e-learning modules promote the adoption of micro-services and container technology in telecommunications. We train your engineers and operations teams in using full stack development technologies for various application development, diverse connected devices, including wearable IoT devices and sensors. We familiarize your teams with prevalent standards and best practices from Open Group, TM Forum, OASIS, MEF and others.

We encourage learning via technology and business focused hackathons, facilitating open source adoption, partnership with academia and technology partners.

We train human resources as well as the digital labor force and business algorithms to amplify the outcomes of automation.

Our differentiation. Why Infosys?
  • AI-powered core reenergized by Infosys Nia, our next-generation intelligent automation platform, which brings together machine learning and deep knowledge of communications technologies to unearth critical insights and industrialize the core process landscape.
  • Agile digital at scale delivered through our integrated digital stack comprising solutions for data management, channels, cognitive automation, APIs, cloud-based analytics and security. Its ready-to-deploy, built-in use cases reduce time-to-value for your initiatives in the digital ecosystem.
  • Always-on learning from our innovation ecosystem enriched by alliances with technology product suppliers and open source adoption in specific areas. It enables us to navigate the digital transformation cycle – from solution consulting, implementation and customization to evolution and support.