The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice helps cable, satellite and telecommunications companies launch Over-The-Top (OTT) services. At the same time, we partner with OTT gaming and audio-visual service providers to grow the subscriber base with a ‘right-first-time’ ecosystem. Our OTT frameworks combine advanced taxonomy and robust asset security while supporting B2B and B2C services.

We leverage open source, lightweight web technologies for superior live streaming. Our content delivery solutions stream high-definition video to connected TVs, smart phones and game consoles. We integrate content platforms with monetization modules. It helps film studios, music companies, Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDs), and OTT players drive sales through geo-targeted advertising and social gamification.

The Infosys OTT Video Solution supports Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD), Transaction Video on Demand (TVOD), Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD), and linear programming services. Our plug-and-play solution enables immersive advertising across connected screens and user / operator contexts. Our bouquet of tools for customer, media and network analytics gather insights to optimize OTT packages and enrich ‘TV Everywhere’ services.


Challenges & Solutions

Automated workflows facilitate troubleshooting and boost quality of service.

Rich experience in maintaining high-speed connectivity infrastructure and digital communication systems.

Artificial intelligence-driven tools that curate personalized content and provide actionable insights to deliver high-quality viewing experiences.