The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice partners with film studios, radio broadcasters, television networks, music companies, and content aggregators to reorient business processes for serving entertainment content, anytime, anywhere.

We combine convergent delivery models with cloud-hosted systems for storage and distribution of content. It provides a scalable and responsive infrastructure, and supports digital distribution formats such as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), Direct To Home (DTH) and mobile TV. 'Anytime, anywhere, any screen' access ensures an immersive viewer experience, which can be monetized by advertisers.

Our enterprise content management solutions enable studios and networks to expand reach by capitalizing on ubiquitous network connectivity to publish content on apps. We develop functionality-rich native mobile applications and interfaces for digital portals of third-party distributors and content resellers. API-level integration of assets with content management systems enables secure distribution across formats and platforms. Significantly, our approach supports offline content consumption.

We automate planning to post-production workflows, which rationalizes the cost of delivering high-definition entertainment content. Our methods for cataloguing, storage and retrieval of digital assets eliminate the need to reprocess assets for specific screens. In addition, it minimizes the effort to serve localized content / address regulations. Advanced metadata and content tagging techniques help streamline management of high-load media portals and entertainment apps.

Our expertise spans transcoding technologies, streaming standards and optimization techniques for broadcast and media applications.


White Paper:SDN assures superior service

The integration of Software-Defined Networks (SDN) with IT systems increases the efficiency of telecom networks significantly.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Wireline, Wireless, and Cable Labs create reusable business and technology assets for app-oriented content distribution.

Digital media enterprise platforms integrate broadcast content, marketing artifacts and corporate data to enhance direct-to-consumer streaming formats.

Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine, a self-learning, platform-agnostic distributed system built using the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture facilitates seamless consumption of multimedia content.