The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice manages the Business Support System (BSS), Operations Support System (OSS) and service delivery infrastructure of network operators and telecom enterprises. We integrate the BSS / OSS application stack with enterprise systems, including finance, sales and data warehouse, to enhance the order-to-activation process.

Infosys BSS / OSS managed services help you monetize subscription across consumer and enterprise segments. We evaluate the feasibility of new services by assessing the performance and constraints of as-is processes vis-à-vis the complexities and cost of integrating third-party components / bespoke solutions. Our approach accelerates innovation across your service portfolio while mitigating business risks. Our technology modernization services include business process re-engineering, performance optimization, change management, and partner interfaces for product catalogs, revenue settlement and customer management.


Challenges & Solutions

Cloud infrastructure for hosting the BSS / OSS application stack, data center, collaboration platform, and support services.

Team of IT experts and domain specialists to provide 24x7 support as part of network maintenance / operations center management or as a standalone service.

In-depth knowledge of managed service operations across traditional communication systems as well as digital technologies including the Internet of Things (IoT).

Global delivery model, iterative deployment methodology, pre-defined workflows and reusable tools to manage mission-critical business and operational processes across planning, fulfillment, assurance, billing, inventory, and order management.

Rich implementation and support expertise spanning Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Global System for Mobiles (GSM), and 3G / 4G access networks; machine-to-machine gateways such as Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and Bluetooth; and wireless networking protocols including ZigBee and Wi-Fi.