Network / service inventory management solutions of Infosys monitor diverse assets – from media and voice service products, data systems and software to facilities, trouble tickets and field technicians. Real-time insights into the network status and service inventory facilitate reconstruction of assets, service fulfillment as well as assurance, and prompt fault resolution.

Our network inventory solutions manage service-related data (service type, level of service support, and service IDs), network data (network resource link IDs, IP address, VLAN ID, capacity, cards, and ports) and access data. It integrates seamlessly with existing / new OSS / BSS structures and reporting / analysis modules. Real-time inventory update improves forecasting and enables troubleshooting to discover the root cause of failures.

Our advanced architecture supports Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-driven Network (SDN) environments.

Network Inventory Management

Challenges & Solutions

Expertise in designing data-driven equipment catalogs and interface mapping sheets to improve traceability and address interface issues.

Application Programming Interface (API)-based service inventory solutions that can be reused across lines of business.

Robust inventory data models consolidate physical, logical, virtual, and service assets into a single version of the truth.

Inventory solutions leverage Open Source GraphDB, analytics integration, Artificial Intelligence for predictive and proactive assurance, and closed loop automation.