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As Digital Innovation Partner for Tennis Australia, Infosys is here to create the next way to play, see, train and engage for players and fans of the Australian Open. From experiencing tennis in a new virtual dimension to experiencing the new way to play with data and artificial intelligence, what’s next is a digital sport for a digital world. Get ready to experience the next, now.

Game, Set, Transformation at AO 2019.

We’re reinventing the game with data, insights and digital experiences.

Infosys Matchbeats

MatchBeats takes you beyond scores and stats with a cool new way to visualize the flow of the game as it unfolds. Get point-by-point analysis as you watch the match live and spot key trends like aces, break points, double faults, unforced errors, and rally length.

Infosys Ai Clips

Every moment of brilliance on court is uncovered using AI Clips, an artificial intelligence platform for real game-changing tennis moments. It produces highlights in real-time by applying over 120 filters and more than a 1000 possible combinations, so fans never miss the moments that matter at the Australian Open.

The VR Experience

This year at Melbourne Park, Infosys is powering a live broadcast of Australian Open matches in virtual reality, a first- of-its kind experience for tennis fans anywhere in the world. Fans can also play tennis in virtual reality, with a training module driven by statistics. The best part: fans can even shop for AO merchandise in a real VR store.

The future of tennis meets the future of retail, in a whole new virtual dimension.

Our brand ambassador and tennis superstar Thanasi Kokkinakis stops by to play the game like never before.

Behind the Scenes At Australian Open

Tournament Insights

We’re using data to uncover what champions are made of, with our analytics engine crunching the numbers for tournament predictions and player breakdowns.

From deconstructing a player’s physical DNA to spotting the edge with numbers, we’re giving fans a deeper understanding of the game.

Will there be more forehand or backhand winners? Who has the advantage while returning? All the key match trends to watch out for, served up on social media.

A Whole New Experience

Tennis at the Australian Open isn’t just a game. It’s an experience shaped by breathtaking action on court and unforgettable passion beyond the court. And to amplify this experience, Infosys and Tennis Australia have joined hands — to transform the Australian Open into one of the most technologically advanced sporting events in the world. We’re here to ace the Open.

A Vision For Tennis

This partnership is about creating new ways of experiencing the Australian Open. We’re really excited about the opportunity to showcase how digital technologies can enhance the boundaries of this tournament, to change the way the Australian Open is watched, analyzed and played. This association with Tennis Australia also reaffirms our strategic commitment to the region where we partner with some of the leading enterprises in driving their digital transformation agenda.

Salil Parekh, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys

Craig Tiley

Partnering with Infosys is an exciting next step in our ongoing quest to innovate the Australian Open and engage new audiences across the world. We have long understood the importance of using data and insights to improve connections with our fans, players, coaches and the rest of the tennis community and we look forward to working with Infosys to change the way we all experience our great sport in the future.

Craig Tiley, CEO, Tennis Australia

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