The Infosys Network-as-a-Service solution transforms legacy infrastructure into programmable networks via Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies. Our ecosystem senses and responds to real-time workload / transaction volume / traffic enables your enterprise to provide on-demand bandwidth and improve network management.

Our bespoke solutions support hybrid network coexistence as well as topology discovery in hybrid networks. We develop cloud-hosted SDN / NFV platforms to launch multiple applications and dashboards for granular parental control of virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) for service management.

We create a unified layer for service enablement and applications to enhance usability.

Content Acquisition and ingestion

Cloud services

  • Platform evaluation, benchmarking, deployment of SDN/NFV solutions in public/private cloud, and integration testing
Content Acquisition and ingestion

Software defined wide area network (SD-WAN)

  • Integration with order management solutions, service assurance systems, ticket management tools, and usage mediation platforms
Content Acquisition and ingestion

SDN/NFV-based services

  • Architecture definition and development, evaluation of VNFs onboarding multi-vendor VNFs, local hop redesign, scenarios such as vEPC
Content Acquisition and ingestion


  • Knowledge transfer, training and process documentation across work streams

Challenges & Solutions

Suite of proprietary tools drive SDN / NFV adoption, service innovation and provisioning in carrier as well as service provider environments.

Vendor-agnostic Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable seamless migration of SDN apps from one cloud provider to another, while accelerating integration and rationalizing costs.

Rich experience across the SDN / NFV solution lifecycle, and services using SDN orchestration technology / controller protocols.

State-of-the-art laboratory to develop open source SDN components and controllers such as Open Network Operating System (ONOS) and OpenDaylight Project (ODL).

Partnerships with global equipment manufacturers and product suppliers including Mirantis, Red Hat, Big Switch Networks, Ubique Systems, Dorado Software, and Cisco.