The Infosys Communications, Media and Entertainment practice implements non-intrusive models to grow advertising and subscription revenues of production houses, studios, broadcasters, networks, and distributors. Our digital solutions monetize content libraries as well as audience relationships. Our optimization tools resize premium content into easy-to-consume bundles for diverse direct-to-consumer formats / platforms.

We align business models with content strategies, user experiences and advertising inventories. It helps producers, publishers and resellers maximize yield in ad-light environments across connected screens. We supplement traditional pay-TV revenue with advertising and marketing solutions to boost viewership, increase subscriber spend, and cultivate the community of fans. Our apps leverage inherent capabilities of device screens to maximize returns on advertising spend. Our approach facilitates ad monetization by dynamically managing insertion and targeted placement in digital properties.

Infosys applies data science to understand the audience, learn about the experiences they seek and know how they consume it. We combine data-driven insights with real-time analytics for segmentation of users. It also helps predict trends, which serve as input to create multi-platform content / campaigns that resonate with areas of interest. Moreover, continuous monitoring helps advertisers tweak campaigns during execution.

We use machine learning algorithms to identify cross-selling opportunities based on personal content filters set by subscribers. Significantly, our tools for content discovery enhance the lifetime value of assets by re-monetizing past events and classics.

Our subscription solutions support metered consumption and tiered pricing strategies across asset classes.

Content distribution

White Paper: Building a secure foundation for IoT

Robust protocols to address security and privacy concerns in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem accelerate adoption of connected devices.


Challenges & Solutions

Metadata validation and subscriber authentication techniques ensure secure distribution and prompt monetization of premium content.

Infosys Programmatic Advertising and Targeted Ad Insertion solution correlates supply-side properties with demand-side priorities to execute and measure the performance of marketing campaigns.

Infosys Omni-Channel Personalization Engine ingests access channels, navigation paths, geospatial data, and social interactions to present personalized content and promotional messages.