The world of work is rapidly changing. A newfound digital fluency enables so many people to find and solve incredibly hard problems using software that keeps getting more intelligent.

Jobs that were once the sole domain of human beings are steadily becoming tasks jointly driven by software, machines and human beings. People must become better problem-finders as machines evolve to be more efficient and indefatigable problem-solvers. A Live Enterprise appreciates the reality of this evolving nature of work and the need for it to transform its workplace and workforce.

Research Report: Workforce Development in the Age of Digital

Work Transformation

Today, many of the digital-age jobs can be performed by non-degree holding workers with the right specialized skills that can be honed through alternative education.

When enterprises aspire to adopt agile enterprise-wide, work inherently involves continuous learning and rapid reskilling. By helping enterprises manage this work transformation, we help them not only remove barriers that would prevent them from fully participating in the modern economy, but also ensure they remain relevant in the future - as a Live Enterprise.

Workforce Transformation

While the gap between demand and supply of digital talent keeps widening, a multitude of newly-created digital roles are left unfulfilled by current talent pools. It is easy to see that majority of these digital jobs cannot be filled by STEM talent alone. Responding to this skills-gap, we, at Infosys, have trained and integrated - at scale - liberal arts experts and design talent along with our developers to work together to build digital solutions for our clients. We are fully equipped to help our clients better prepare their own legacy workforce for a right and prosperous digital future.

We also believe in on-demand, job-relevant, modular learning of employees in their increasingly fast-paced lives. For this reason, we offer to our clients Infosys Wingspan - our cloud and mobile-first learning solution, designer to provide modular interactive learning experiences, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Workplace Transformation

Co-creation by a diverse workforce requires an open and collaborative space. This calls for an agile, immersive and conducive environment for ideas to take shape into quick prototypes. Our living labs provide just that for our employees. They are amplified by automation, data driven insights and seamless experiences required to innovate in the digital economy.

Our digital innovation centers, built on the operating model of Proximity+, enable fail-fast-learn-faster, distributed and agile co-creation environment. Purpose-built Technology and Innovation proximity hubs leverage these advantages to help our clients accelerate their talent transformation and maximize productivity.