Infosys Microsoft Digital Workplace Services

Infosys Microsoft Digital Workplace Services equips organizations with human-experience centric, cloud-powered digital workplaces. Our strong partnership with Microsoft, enables our digital workplaces whether physical or virtual or both, to be intelligent, intuitive, armed with collaborative apps, zero-trust security to transform the way employees are working in these new ways of working.


How we can help

Business value & Human Centric Experience driven workplace transformations

How can I manage my enterprise data?

Humanizing the Workplace Experiences

Our human-centric offerings help to build a sentient enterprise, stimulated by an event-driven, mobile-first, cloud-native architecture. With our robust employee experience platforms, we help employees stay productive and engaged while improving operational efficiencies.

How do I guarantee data assurance?

Elevating productivity through Seamless collaboration

By leveraging the next generation of tools and technologies, we enable flow of work, immersive experiences, and enhanced collaboration for an empowered and productive workforce.

How do I protect my enterprise from cyber-attacks?

Transforming Endpoint and Device management

Through cloud-enabled endpoints, simplified IT operations, proactive problem prevention, and continuous improvement, we help organizations transform to a resilient modern hybrid workplace.

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