Enterprises today, are re-looking at workplace strategies for scalable solutions that provide the best-in class user experience and can be deployed with new contact-less support models at optimized costs. By equipping today’s workforce with a digital workplace, enterprises aim at bringing in resilience to the changing business needs. Infosys Workplace Suite, part of Infosys Cobalt, is an amalgamation of tools and accelerators that help enterprises drive adoption of Digital Workplace Services through Automation & AI for deriving more value from the workplace, faster.

Seamlessness and fast user adoption of the new productivity services while maintaining governance and security policies


The key challenge in transitioning to a digital workplace lies in ensuring seamlessness and fast user adoption of the new productivity services while maintaining the organization’s governance and security policies.

Infosys Workplace Suite allows enterprises to overcome these challenges through seamless migration to digital services, faster adoption and cost effective operations that enable automation and self-service. It comes with a set of tools and accelerators to manage the entire life cycle of the digital workplace that encompasses solutions for migration, implementation, driving adoption and seamless operations.

  • Migration Factory – Automates and accelerates migration to Office 365
  • Windows 10 Migration Dashboard – Enhances seamless planning and execution
  • Collaboration Apps – Improve employee productivity
  • Business Dashboards & Reports – Track & drive Office 365 adoption
  • Azure powered Conversational Bot – Enables knowledge-sharing and self-service capabilities for end users
  • Service request automation Solution - Caters to requests with zero manual interventions
  • Governance Solution - Manages lifecycle of Office 365 resources

Brochure - Infosys Workplace Suite


Challenges & Solutions

Chat-bot & Self-Service brings in 50% reduction in resolution time for automated use cases, thus improving employee experience.

20% reduction in repetitive monitoring tasks through service request automation significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Governance solutions help in faster enablement of newer features and functionalities for end users which leads to massive improvement in employee productivity.

The Migration Factory enhances throughput and fidelity and accelerates the overall program execution by 30-40%.