In an era where enterprises are witnessing a paradigm shift in the complexities of their corporate structure and a dynamicity like never before in terms of workplace requirements, it is only natural that the key to being successful is by creating an engaging experience for the workforce. After all, happy employees are productive employees.

While the influence of external factors cannot be ignored, it’s crucial for organizations to realize that internal factors play an equally, if not more, important role in driving their growth. In the face of changing workforce demographic, evolving technologies, and the emergence of new, collaborative ways of working, Workplace Transformation must become a key focus area for business leaders.

In an effort to understand how a company’s workplace impacts its growth, Infosys surveyed 1318 senior leaders representing 6 industry verticals from organizations with revenues of more than $1 Billion across the United States, UK, Europe, and Australia – New Zealand (ANZ). The principal aim of this study was to understand -

  • Perspectives on workplace transformation trends
  • Adoption of various contemporary workplace transformation tools
  • The benefits associated with workplace transformation
  • Apprehensions with respect to change across organizations
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The Key Findings

Top 4 factors why organizations are driving workplace transformation

86 % To enhance collaboration across teams
84 % To improve employee experience and well-being
83 % To increase efficiency and optimize costs
84 % To build a competitive advantage

Drive Change From Within - Industry Perspectives

Insights into industry-specific views on workplace transformation

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