With Infosys’ service offerings for Microsoft Viva, part of Infosys Cobalt, we aim to consolidate communications, knowledge, learning, resources and insights to empower employees, teams, and culture. When built on Microsoft Teams, with Microsoft 365 ,Microsoft Viva offers curated news, content, welfare, and career growth to the employees. It also becomes a tool that helps in knowledge preservation, identification and remediation of team struggles, and well-being for the organization


Challenges & Solutions

Using Viva Connections, we provide employees with a platform that simplifies and promotes engagement and connections with colleagues, even when not in physical proximity. The platform keeps everyone connected and makes it very easy for people to contribute, stay informed and engaged and thereby nourishes the feeling of unity and continued inspiration.

With Viva Insights module, we help boost productivity and employee well-being by delivering insights that are personalized and can be acted upon. The quantification of impact of workloads on employees and the organization, helps in addressing the complex business challenges.

Microsoft Viva has revolutionized learning and knowledge systems. Viva Topics, acts as a live repository of usable content on various subjects that can be accessed and used by the employees. Viva Learning on the other hand is making learning a part of an employee’s daily life, by making it easily accessible, relevant, discoverable, and thereby driving results that matter.