While digital transformation has been a point of discussion and action for over a decade now, the full potential of it was just simmering below the surface. And then the pandemic, almost overnight, forced the shift. For businesses, the lockdown imposed by COVID-19 meant that they needed to go digital.

As business leaders chart out a plan of action for the post-COVID world, they are faced with unprecedented choices. A constantly shifting recovery trajectory means that they can’t always wait to have all the facts. They must adapt a dynamic mindset and realign their workplace transformation strategy as new facts come to light. However, to ensure that they don’t deviate too far off the intended trajectory, they need to tether this dynamic strategy to a constant – a common denominator that can guide all of their transformation initiatives today and tomorrow.

To find this common denominator, Infosys spoke to more than 1,000 business leaders from 15 major industries across United States, Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The principal aim of this study was to understand, in the context of the pandemic -

  • How organizations are looking at striking the right balance between physical, digital and cultural transformation elements in the New Normal
  • Investments organizations have made for workplace transformation
  • How the physical office space is changing
  • How cultural elements are acting as enablers for physical and digital workplace transformation
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The Key Findings

Top 4 actions organizations have prioritized in the post-COVID workplace

93 % Increased adoption of workplace transformation strategies
83 % Heightened emphasis on learning as a critical part of workplace strategy
67 % Prioritized cybersecurity as a key investment area
60 % Focused on technology investments to ensure remote connectivity

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