Digital Workplace Services

Digital Workplace Services covers a spectrum of our finest offerings, backed by our proprietary solutions and enabled by a robust partner ecosystem to deliver superior employee experiences for enterprises.

When embarking on workplace transformation, organizations need to prioritize and consider their impact across three dimensions-physical, digital and cultural. Even though digital tops the list of priorities for most organizations as digital tools and technologies make it easier to access relevant information and improve communication and collaboration, physical and cultural elements too, play a key role.

According to a recent study by Infosys titled “Drive Change From Within”, workplace transformation has emerged as a CEO priority with 75% respondents confirming increased employee productivity as an outcome of driving workplace transformation. 70% respondents believed that security considerations were amongst the top implementation challenges and 55% stated that choosing the right solutions and partners is key to driving success in the workplace transformation journey.

To address this latent need Infosys’s Digital Workplace Services offering caters to the end-to-end workplace needs of our customers and is built on the following pillars:

This offering addresses the physical, digital and cultural transformational needs of an organization with its workplace consulting and strategy, implementation and operations services, teamed with Infosys Wingspan, a versatile Digital Change Management and Talent Transformation platform that helps employees navigate their next by creating an environment of continuous learning.

With Digital Workplace Services, Infosys aims at imagining and implementing innovative, digital solutions that uniquely equip a diverse set of distributed workers to collaborate, using all manner of devices, while securely accessing company and work resources anywhere, anytime with self-service support options. By adopting intelligent and elastic cloud infrastructure, we support organizations in their short- and long-term workplace strategies and capabilities that bring collaboration tools, automation, mobility and analytics into the several remote workspaces that now make up our workplaces.