Internet of Things – Our Perspective

With engineering expertise from sensors to insights, an extensive Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and a practical approach towards IoT-led digital transformation, we help clients realize tangible and significant benefits from IoT


We enable you to be more with IoT by leveraging the Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index with our pioneering expertise to help you assess, define and implement optimal IIoT roadmaps; building smart connected products that enable you to create new revenue streams; creating vertical industry solutions and platforms that harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to help your organization become more efficient and competitive; providing integrated offerings to deliver and manage IoT solutions that work

Infosys offers a range of specialized engagements from adoption of roadmaps for smart manufacturing to go-to-market strategies for connected products. Infosys is also a founding partner in the consortium that developed the acatech Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) Maturity Index.

We seamlessly connect the physical with the digital. Create new connected products and renew standalone products into smart ones capable of doing more. Achieve faster time-to-market with Infosys IPs such as Infosys NIA and accelerators such as IIC approved testbeds

We enable enterprises in their IoT System Integration with Certified IoT engineers and data scientists with deep expertise in domain, engineering, IT, and analytics, Ecosystem of IoT-certified partners, IP and solutions such as the Infosys IoT Gateway Framework

We help companies manage and maintain services across the IoT stack through our asset management solutions that provide factory visibility, asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and AI-based analytical engines of NIA

Platform based

Infosys enables enterprises with in-house AI powered platforms and also commercial off the shelf platforms

InfosysIoT ready platforms

Infosys Nia is a customizable, knowledge based artificial intelligence platform that helps enterprises quickly build IoT solutions. With this platform, you can:

  • Amplify business potential
  • Avert disruption
  • Reduce the cost of change

PartnerIoT platforms

Infosys leverages strong ecosystem partnerships and skilled experts to develop and support IoT solutions based on third-party IoT platforms such as GE Predix, PTC Thingworx, Microsoft Azure IoT, and AWS IoT

Our Stories

Infosys is proud to share some of the IoT case studies delivered to enterprises across the globe across different industry verticals

An automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) based in Europe was facing excessive downtime owing to manufacturer-recommended maintenance/replacement of spindle motors. Infosys recommended and implemented an IoT-based solution to monitor key condition parameters and predict failures. The Infosys solution uncovered key insights (only 10% of the motors needed to be replaced), helping the client reduce maintenance cost and improve inventory control.
A leading robotics company engaged Infosys to develop a remote robot monitoring solution. Infosys implemented a scalable asset management solution with role-based views into real-time cloud-based alerts and key performance indicators (KPIs). This offered visibility into near real-time asset status, thereby improving shop-floor performance. The solution helped the client minimize downtime by enabling real-time alerts, guided troubleshooting, drill-down of asset details in real-time, and integration with the sales force ticketing platform.
A US-based energy major was struggling to reduce revenue loss due to leakage of meter data caused by legacy systems, low bandwidth and obsolete infrastructure such as PSTN networks and archaic modems. Infosys developed an IoT solution to reliably capture accurate data, thereby plugging revenue leakage for the client
Infosys is part of a consortium led by Toyota that aims to provide safer driving experiences by minimizing road accidents. As part of the driver awareness research project, the consortium co-created a PoC to prevent driver distraction and manage driver workload. Infosys contribution to the research included custom biometric software and algorithms. We also designed and developed a telematics device prototype that can gather, transmit, score, and analyze driver data for usage-based insurance. Our design has sparked off innovation in designing usage-based insurance products and schemes based on driver behavior.
A leading medical OEM wanted to develop a post-operative patient monitoring system using wearable devices. The client engaged Infosys for an end-to-end deployment. With the new system, the client can receive notifications, alerts and real-time updates on the post-operative status of patients.
Infosys developed an IoT-based precision farming solution for a leading farm equipment manufacturer. Besides helping the client select the IoT platform, Infosys also guided the platform vendor on how to customize and integrate end-user equipment into the IoT platform. With this solution, the client can offer prescription services to farmers for timely sowing and watering through actionable insights from farm data

Industrial Internet
Consortium Testbeds

Infosys is a member of Industrial Internet Consortium. As a key member, Infosys has been focusing on the development of testbeds with the key ecosystem partners. These testbeds address different industry vertical scenarios.

Our Point of View

Infosys IoT is leading the way with innovative thought leadership such as ‘The State of the Nations’ survey in association with FIR Aachen and development of ‘Industry 4.0 Maturity Index’ as a part of a consortium led by acatech, Germany.


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