COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives and work as we know it. Entire countries have been in lockdown, and our workspaces have moved from company premises to home offices, bedrooms, kitchen tables and even garages. Employers, by necessity, have been forced to adapt and change their office rule books.


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Discover a range of solutions to make your workspaces safe and resilient

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Mask Compliance  

AI/ML-based advanced algorithms for face mask detection, assessing mask types, employee face angles and partial occlusions

Contactless Biometric  

Facial recognition for access control, contactless payment, elevator access via edge technologies

Occupancy and Workspace Analytics  

Real-time occupancy data to monitor floor density for crowd management and ensure safe arrival plans in common areas such as food courts

Sanitization Solution  

Rail guided vehicle (RGV) with surveillance, payload and audio/video capabilities powered by Infosys Autonomous System Platform

Healthcare pod  

On-demand healthcare pods for telehealth consultation, periodic vital checks & temperature checks of employees

Wearables and Air Quality  

Intelligent devices to provide information on environmental conditions and to receive personalized health recommendations

Remote and Field Assistance  

Context-based remote assistance via integration and visualization of IoT data via Augmented Reality