The Infosys Smart Solution for Water was created to give enterprises a brand new perspective on their water usage. This solution uses the power of technology to give enterprises limitless visibility on their water consumption. From different sources of water to specific points of its usage, our solution provides a unified view of how water travels through the building.

The Infosys Smart Solution for Water comes with customizable dashboards, drilldowns and alerts that allow enterprises to track, monitor and optimize water usage – in real-time. The solution also has a suite of powerful tools that make enterprise-wide water management simple. The solution also allows companies to customize KPIs and compare them to industry standards so they’re always making greener decisions. With every drop accounted for, it's simpler to spot inefficiencies in water usage and opportunities to save water. Its plug-and-play, cloud-agnostic nature also makes it incredibly easy to integrate the solution into existing systems.

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Our unique, home-grown digital solution was built to radically simplify an enterprise’s water conservation journey.

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Improve Water Availability to enrich the communities we operate in

Ensure Water Management to achieve your sustainability goals

Establish Water Visibility to spot opportunities and challenges


Challenges & Solutions

Using digital tools like the water index, configurable KPIs and graphical view of water sources, our solution will help you meet and exceed your sustainability goals.

Its plug-and-play design, cloud-agnostic nature, multiple protocol support system, and easy API integrations will ensure seamless integration into existing systems.

The solution comes with persona-based dashboards that give employees on every level insight into the company’s water usage – down to a single washroom.