Making every drop count

A leaking pipe that drips at the rate of one drop per second ends up wasting 1600 Liter of water a year at one place of the pipes/taps/plumbing fixtures.

Making every drop count

A quantity that could mean:

Three years of drinking water for an average person in a developing nation.

We tackled the problem at its root with our

Smart metering solution

It is well-known that leakage and unaccounted consumption are the major contributors to water wastage.

Our plan was to eliminate water wastage on our campuses, and take a step towards becoming water-sustainable.

With our smart meters, we can monitor water flow in real time and identify the problems that cause leakages.

These meters do more than recording flow-rates

What makes them smart?

The meters are installed in the water pipes at the distribution and consumption points. They record the flow rate in real time.

Any change in the rate of flow or water consumption pattern is communicated real-time to our central monitoring system, thus allowing for early diagnosis and optimization.

This helps us identify problems like salt deposits or cracks in pipes, and correct them immediately.

Across our campuses in India, installing smart meters has helped us plug water wastage. Per capita consumption has dropped by almost 64% compared to 2008 levels.