At Infosys, we believe in removing obstacles to progress and working towards creating opportunities for everyone to have a better future. We believe that a promising future is a digital one and technology can be deployed as an instrument to do good.

Our focus areas when it comes to moving us all forward zero in on: Extending digital skills equitably to people, deploying technology to serve core societal needs, energizing local communities, and fostering diversity and inclusion along with driving employee well-being.


Where People Are The Best Version Of Themselves

At Infosys, we are not a technology company full of people, but a people company that understands the immense potential of technology. Our people, with a little help from all things digital, move our clients forward and the world forward with them too. That is why it is our constant endeavor to make Infosys a place where people can be their best selves.

Talent transformation at Infosys is serious business. It begins with sensing employee needs and responding with an employee value proposition that delivers meaning, purpose and value for them. It builds synergy between how we look to differentiate ourselves as Infosys and deliver on the expectations of our employees.

We have a three-pronged strategy to deliver on this promise:


Our people with meaningful work and passionate teams, enabling them to find their purpose and make an impact. It is all about finding and then building what is next for the industries that we serve.


Ensuring that our people, as a result of their endeavors, are continuously learning and progressing in their careers, and shaping our collective future.


It is possible for every employee to navigate further, powered by our culture and partnered by dozens of other Infoscions with shared aspirations.

At the core of our promise lies our company values - CLIFE - defining our approach to everything. CLIFE stands for Client value, Leadership by example, Integrity & transparency, Fairness, and Excellence.

We are implementing programs, policies, and ways of working that are helping us execute this strategy. This report is an invitation for you to be a part of our journey and discover what makes Infosys - Infosys.