With rapid technological advancements, there is a spurt in autonomous systems that can respond to real world conditions without human intervention. Such systems can free people from mundane, repetitive and non-value added tasks. Robots can be leveraged as interventions in Dull, Dirty and Dangerous (3D) areas where there is a significant risk to human health and safety. Autonomous systems are bringing efficiencies in supply chain, unmanned surveillance, unmanned navigation and handling of harmful environments.

Infosys focuses on Autonomous Systems in the areas of intelligent navigation, remote monitoring, and surveillance in manufacturing, mining and automotive sectors. Infosys built competencies around Industry 4.0 technologies such as robotics, cloud computing, computer vision and cyber-machine-human interfaces. We have a strong partner ecosystem and are invested in driving joint innovation with our clients.

Categorical Value

  • Objection detection
  • Objection recognition
  • Motion sensing
  • Audio analysis
  • Prediction
  • Textual inference
  • Autonomy
  • Decision control


  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text
  • Sensor data

Technology components

  • Tensorflow/keras
  • Computer vision
  • Signal [processing
  • Bayesian techniques

Our Differentiation

Infosys developed many solutions, frameworks and platforms in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Some of these:

  • Conceptualized and developed the Robotic Artificial Intelligence Language – Integrated Product Technology (RAILIPT) platform
  • Autonomous Golf Cart Platform built on Hybrid Framework powered by innovative Drive-by-Wire system
  • Developed an Autonomous Vehicle Diagnostic Framework and solutions around vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to network (V2N), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle to pedestrians (V2P) areas
  • Designed Autonomous Traffic Management Systems which supports Intelligent diagnostics with fleet management along with real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Developed many Vision Based Technologies and Vision Assisted Algorithms for all levels of autonomy and are actively working in areas such as Mapping and Localization, Lane detection, Object Detection, and Path Planning and Optimization, etc.
  • Developed proof of concepts, pilots and initial solutions in the BFSI, Manufacturing, Mining, Automotive and Retail sectors

Infosys collaborates with leading universities in the Robotics and Autonomous Systems space including Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi, Purdue University - USA, University of Aachen – Germany. Infosys partnered with leading educational and training organization like Udacity.

Infosys collaborates with leading professional bodies like SAE International, ISA etc. Infosys invested in startups like IdeaForge, a drone manufacturer.

Our Offerings


  • Design and Development of specialized Robotic Systems
  • Process Automation using Advanced Robotic Systems and AI
  • Robotic System Integration with Cloud and third party platforms
  • Robot Assisted Human Machine Interface Validation
  • Robot Assisted Cyber - Human - Machine interface automation with UI validation
  • Security validation of Robotic Systems

Autonomous Systems

  • Autonomous System Design and Development
  • Automated and Guided Navigation
  • Autonomous System Validation and Verification
  • Connected Vehicle Ecosystem Solutions – Inbound and Outbound logistics, V2V, V2I
  • Driverless Technology Platform Services – ADAS, AV, AGV, UGV, SUGV
  • Retrofit Systems to make systems autonomous

Case Studies


Infosys core skills around Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Vision Components

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Infosys core skills around Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Vision Components
  • Define NextGen platforms and services to amplify the potential of humans and improve their overall safety and security through autonomous systems that leverage best of hardware and software technologies. These includes artificial intelligence, advanced image analytics and deep learning.
  • Provide System Integration services in robotics and autonomous systems to help humans working in Dull, Dirty and Dangerous(3D) environments.
  • Define roadmaps and support adoption of robotics and autonomous systems to enhance productivity, improve operating margins, optimize system performance, improve overall safety, security and sustainability.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys innovated and created a Solar Panel Cleaning Robot System with integrated dry and wet cleaning capabilities. This robotic system is built with advanced AI and IoT features and can be monitored remotely. The system provides remote controlled operations with 24X7 operational capability. With over 60% reduction in human labor cost, the system provides a 5% increase in projected power generation.

Infosys made strategic investments in autonomous technologies to incubate, innovate and nurture these technologies into full-fledged service offerings. We have set up Living Labs to explore and co-create innovative autonomous technologies through active engagements with customers, universities and core research groups. Infosys developed an in-house Autonomous Hybrid Golf Cart built on framework of innovative drive-by-wire utilizing both LiDAR and Vision based systems.

Infosys Sewage Pipeline Analysis System is semi-automated methodology for finding faults in Sewage Pipeline using Deep Learning and Advance Computer Vision. The system is independent of the Sewer Inspection Robot that takes video feed from the Sewer Inspection Robot and processes it with Deep Learning model and Computer Vision to find and classify the sewer faults as per Pipeline Assessment and Certification Program (PACP) standard. The PACP report generated can be used for compliance and remediation.

Infosys has developed a computer vision and deep learning based system to analyze and measure the size of rock fragments and their distribution on a conveyor belt. The system can analyze video feeds and images in real time and provide an alert to the operator on oversized rocks and also generate distribution of rock size spread.