Infosys Solar Panel Robot Platform is an advanced, integrated, smart cleaning technology platform. It enables on-demand and unmanned dry or wet cleaning of photo voltaic (PV) panels. The non-abrasive technology uses minimal human intervention, optimizes the usage of freshwater and helps achieve high levels of cleaning efficiency which is required to maintain a high level of energy yield.

AI based, cloud ready Smart Integrated Advanced Cleaning Technology

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  • Improve Solar Panel Efficiency
  • High Cleaning Efficiency
  • Favorable ROI
  • Conservation of Resources
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Smart Dry and Wet Cleaning
  • Cloud Ready Platform
  • Vision based Cleaning Pattern
  • Health, Safety and Security
  • Labor Reduction
  • Remote Management
  • Optimized Maintenance

Infosys Solar Panel Robot Platform help energy companies to achieve optimal performance of solar panels through its Smart Integrated Advanced Cleaning Technology.

  • Cloud ready platform with capability to monitor the health of the solar panels
  • Built in Artificial Intelligence which can recognize dirt and perform wet cleaning automatically at precise location, thereby optimizing water consumption to a great extent
  • Provides scope to define derivative products based on the scenarios of solar farm maintenance
  • Equipped with Integrated Wipe System and Water Tank, multiple Brush options for dry cleaning, and Smart Vision assisted dry and wet cleaning.

Challenges & Solutions

The platform automates the wet and dry-cleaning operations of solar panel minimizing the human effort required for operation and maintenance.

The wet cleaning feature on the solar panel cleaning robot uses vision assisted technologies to detect dirt and debris on the panels. Wet cleaning is then performed only in the identified areas resulting in economical water usage.

The platform supports remote monitoring and control. Therefore, constant operator presence near the robot is not mandatory.