Infosys Solar Panel Robot Platform

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Are the conventional cleaning methods used to clean the Panels in Solar farms are efficient? Are the operators safe?

The answer is NO. In fact, there will be a lot of uncleaned areas on the Panel surfaces even after manual cleaning. 1000s of liters of water will get consumed with wet cleaning methods. Human operators are exposed to harsh environments.

In some cases, there are possibilities of damages to the panels with manual intensive cleaning method, which in turn reduce the productivity of solar farms.

Infosys Offering and How it Works?

Infosys Solar Panel Robot Platform is an advanced, integrated, smart cleaning technology platform. It enables on-demand and unmanned dry or wet cleaning of solar panels. The non-abrasive technology uses minimal human intervention, optimizes the usage of freshwater and helps achieve high levels of cleaning efficiency which is required to maintain a high level of energy yield.

Infosys Offering and How it Works?





What Difference Does it make?

The autonomous cleaning operations and smart vision assisted systems, makes on demand wet cleaning ability by recognizing dirt with AI and perform wet cleaning automatically at precise location, thereby optimizing water consumption to a great extent.

The smart system has enabled the improved panel efficiency with 24x7 fully Automated cleaning operation. The system can be operated remotely and avoids operator exposure to the harsh environment. Estimated Increase in power generation by 5% and reduction in manpower by 60% than conventional cleaning methods resulting in very favorable ROI. Water consumption is reduced from 1000s of liters to few liters.

On demand wet cleaning reduces water consumption reduction by 90%: 0.5l/panel as compared with 5l/panel in conventional method

Automation reduces dependency on manpower by 50%: 3 resources as compared to 8 resources for maintaining a 2MW plant

The Infosys Solar Panel Robot Platform — an advanced technology with on-demand wet cleaning systems

The Infosys Solar Panel Robot Platform uses advanced technologies like:

  • Autonomous cleaning operation
  • Dust and dirt detection using vision systems
  • On-demand dry and wet cleaning system
  • Integrated smart sensor systems
  • Software and algorithms for autonomous navigation


  • A commercially viable and mature solar panel robot for solar farms
  • Kleinbot – An intelligent on-demand solar panel cleaning robot