Globally, zero emissions and low carbon footprint drive Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption. In 2024, it is expected that one in five cars sold will be an electric vehicle, with a growth rate of 25%. The charging infrastructure is an integral component in the EV ecosystem to support the growing demand for EVs. There has been a growth of 40% in public charging points worldwide in 2023 from the previous year. Public charging needs to increase six times by 2035 to address the demand for charging.

The Infosys EV Charging Platform, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), takes a vehicle-agnostic and charger OEM-agnostic approach toward providing a Charging Management System (CMS). The platform offers a cloud-based charger management solution that enables customers to manage the chargers and charging and gather real-time insights into the charging process. Our machine learning (ML) based algorithms help predict the electricity demands, and the aggregator view provides customers an option to see charge session information across different CMS deployed for its EV chargers.

The platform is OCPP v1.6 compliant and provides a set of rich APIs for integration with external systems. The features include real-time and remote monitoring of charging data, reporting and dashboarding capabilities, billing systems integration and health monitoring of charging stations. The architecture is built on a standardized data model and can provide charging session data aggregation from external CMS solutions. The platform includes enablers for integrating enterprise systems such as Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Alerts and Notifications and integration with Telematics systems.

The platform addresses use cases across multiple industries – Energy & Utilities, Logistics, Manufacturing, & Retail. We provide services to go along with the platform, including technology consulting and roadmap definition, charge management platform engineering, end-to-end validation of charge management solution, data analytics, aggregation and implementation, mobile application design, development and deployment, and overall security design and implementation.

The platform addresses use cases across multiple industries and includes services such as technology consulting, charge management engineering, and security implementation

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Challenges & Solutions

Our cloud-based solution collects the charger telematics data from charging networks across regions and presents them in a dashboard with a centralized network view. This Increases profitability by achieving maximum network availability and continuous monitoring.

Our data aggregator solution provides extensible adapters that can transform the charging telemetry that individual Charge Point Operator (CPO) would have into a common data model, allowing easy aggregation and visualization of charging information.

Our implementation of different open-source protocols, viz. OCPP, OCPI, OVGIP, OSCP, and OPENADR allow for seamless interoperability between various entities involved in the charging ecosystem. We can provide diverse and interesting use cases around V2X and smart charging through this.

Our solution provides AI/ML based approaches that predict load conditions at a charge level and also provide insights into the availability of charging stations. These capabilities can be utilized for smarter scheduling for charging.