Infosys pharma manufacturing insights provide key stakeholders like production manager, quality and maintenance managers in pharmaceutical manufacturing access to real-time information, thereby delivering end-to-end visibility into the manufacturing process for production supervision, tracking and planning. Built on an integrated ISA 88 and ISA 95 data model, this solution combines data from MES, DCS, ERP and other manufacturing applications. It brings forth critical operational parameters around performance monitoring, process visibility and electronic batch traceability. The key features of this solution include:

  • Process order dashboard shows the present status of electronic batches, along with related process orders with the ability to drill down to a specific batch record for further detail.
  • Drilldown to a specific batch detail shows information around yield, operating time, production time and cycle time along with product and quantity for the batch. The user can view processes and unit operations carried out as part of the batch, identify a bottleneck process and dive into the digital twin of the impacted equipment.
  • Asset or equipment digital twin provides details on equipment OEE, asset capacity utilization, operating time, idle time, planned and unplanned downtime. It also interprets error codes from the machine in case of any issue and suggests a potential error fix based on the knowledge repository.
  • Process cell dashboard shows the availability, performance, quality, OEE and capacity utilization across all process cells through which the orders are processed, with the ability to view a process cell digital twin.
  • Process digital twin shows different unit operations carried out in a process cell and equipment used for each operation, along with process bottlenecks (if any). For a process bottleneck, it is possible to identify the bottleneck equipment and view the asset digital twin, for issue resolution.

Continuous monitoring and reporting capabilities across the manufacturing life cycle

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Pharma manufacturing has traditionally focused on the adoption of good manufacturing practices and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies like the FDA. Hence, current manufacturing practices remain rooted in ensuring product quality and minimizing risk through a mix of automation and monitoring solutions.

Data lies at the heart of the pharmaceutical industry and is the most significant enabler to manage recent trends. However, most organizations have historically struggled to improve the quality and timeliness of decision making due to insufficient operational data. The need now is to harness the operational data to enable higher levels of automation, better utilization of assets, optimize processes and increase quality and operational efficiencies.

The Infosys pharma manufacturing insights perfectly complements the current digital solutions in the market, offering continuous monitoring and reporting capabilities across the manufacturing life cycle.

  • Comprehensive reporting solution – Real-time dashboards showcase key parameters across the pharma manufacturing digital thread by combining data from MES, DCS, ERP and other manufacturing applications. It thus enables complete visibility into the full stack of manufacturing operations.
  • Visualization – Easy and intuitive user interfaces equipped to showcase prebuilt KPIs such as cycle time variations, capacity utilization and product quality. Production, maintenance and quality managers can get complete visibility on production process, batch status, quality and equipment condition for faster and better decision making.
  • Root cause identification – The process and asset digital twin features help production and maintenance teams to quickly isolate and diagnose bottlenecks and reasons for production losses and equipment malfunctions. This helps adjust operating parameters in real-time and stay close to golden batch operating parameters.
  • Scalability and extensibility– Pre-built out of the box connectors with some leading pharma MES and DCS systems to facilitate a de-risked integration and accelerated deployment with zero disruptions viz. Rockwell Pharma Suite, Werum PAS-X, Schneider Aveva, Siemens Opcenter and Emerson Syncade.

Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys pharma manufacturing insights solution enables full-stack manufacturing visibility combining data from machine control systems, MES and ERP applications, thereby providing visibility and control at a granular level of specific equipment or a process order batch.

The Infosys pharma manufacturing insights solution provides traceability across the life cycle of any process order through the digital twin of every process cell, batch-specific details for every batch and asset digital twins for every equipment.

Minimal idle time in a process cell, higher capacity utilization and higher uptime or quick resolution of machine problems, ensure greater cost savings and can be achieved through continuous and real-time monitoring of critical parameters across every process cell, electronic batch and equipment. The Infosys pharma manufacturing insights solution enables these benefits.

The Infosys pharma manufacturing insights solution can be scaled to handle any number of batches with a granular level of quality and operational data visibility for every batch.