Infosys Computer Vision and Image Analytics services are part of the strategic next-generation services. We aim to amplify human potential, enhance human safety and security with vision assisted platforms and offerings. The solutions utilize vision technology combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning frameworks to offer custom solutions for 3D (Dull, Dangerous & Dirty) environments.

We offer services across four emerging areas -

  • Smart Vision and Fusion
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  • Remote Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Computer Vision and AI on EDGE

Infosys Computer Vision and Image analytics services partners with academia, technological consortiums, industry partners and clients to carry out cutting edge research on emerging technology trends.

Our image analytics platforms offer scalable and hardware agnostic solutions for today’s enterprise challenges

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Our Operational Themes

  • AI for 5G enabled Multi-Access Edge Computing - Develop complex Computer Vision and Deep Learning solutions for 5G Multi-Access Edge Computing
  • Autonomous vehicles – Enable vision and LIDAR based autonomous vehicles assisted by advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) modules
  • Aerial imagery analysis - Analyse aerial images, geospatial images and LIDAR sensor data from unmanned aerial vehicles for various business use cases
  • Biometrics and access control – Assist in identity and access management with facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, retina print and iris recognition solutions
  • Defect Inspection - Identify defects and damages like corrosion, erosion, rust, broken parts that help in industrial asset maintenance and improves efficiency
  • Smart spaces – Supports intrusion detection, queue monitoring, footfall generation, trespassing identification, surveillance, AI for workplace safety, etc.

Our Service Delivery Models

Category Details
Consulting services We offer consulting services with dedicated SMEs to create strategic roadmaps and solutions tailored to their needs.
Licensed platforms Licensed platforms help to realize multiple business use cases. These are in form of AI lifecycle management platforms, extending to machine learning operations (MLOps) as well as domain specific solutions based around computer vision and deep learning frameworks.
Productized solutions Standard productized solution based on our proprietary model, which can be deployed across various industries
Frameworks and accelerators
  • Infosys Video Intelligence
  • Aerial Imagery Analysis Solution and Accelerator Components
  • Vegetation Growth Monitoring Solution
  • Asset Inspection / Defect Inspection
  • Facial Recognition and Biometric Based Access Control
  • Infosys Return to Work Platform
  • Infosys Autonomous Systems Platform
  • Material Take-off Platform
  • AI on EDGE Framework

Key Differentiators

In-house foundation and continuous education courses covering

  • Deep Learning Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • AI on EDGE
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Robotics

Industry Leading Experts

  • 150+ Core Vision Professionals
  • Extended Team of 1000 engineers on allied competencies
  • Video Intelligence Platform
  • AI on EDGE Framework
  • Autonomous Vehicle Platform

Innovation Hubs

Infosys Computer Vision and Image analytics services are part of Infosys’ advanced engineering group and operate through Pune, Mysore and Bangalore centers. It’s dedicated Center of Excellence focuses on research on emerging topics such as computer vision for autonomous systems, deep learning, behavioral algorithms, audio analysis and AI on EDGE.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Infosys has developed a solution to review digitized engineering documents and automatically read title block information. This information helps in associating meta-data to the digitized copies and helps in quicker search and retrieval of the relevant drawings from scanned data.
  • Infosys has also developed solution modules to read component information from drawings like P&ID diagrams, electrical component diagrams, heating, ventilation and air conditioning plans. These modules can then be integrated with configurator systems even to generate a bill of materials for a plan.

  • Infosys AI on EDGE framework helps reduce the footprint of complex deep learning models ready to be deployed onto small power/battery footprint edge devices, which can be embedded within smart machines / robotic systems.
  • Traditional deep learning models require cloud and usage of big GPUs that are not suitable in form factor and around power consumption requirements for battery-powered autonomous machines.

  • Infosys has mature capabilities around AI on EDGE Framework and Infosys Video Intelligence Suite. These enable development of models for 5G Multi-access EDGE computing. The data from CCTV cameras and drone cameras can be pushed over 5G and processed in real time on the 5G MEC.