A real-world IoT solution typically connects thousands to millions of devices on a platform, each device sending a variety of data. The load on the platform can vary depending upon the business use case and geographic spread of the connected devices. It is a challenge to test and certify the performance of an IoT platform for real-life simulated scenarios. Moreover, very often, the off board platform development teams, when developing an IoT solution, do not have access to the physical edge devices (which may also be under development). While this may not impede progress, it poses a challenge to QA teams to validate and certify the platform.

Such a situation calls for a robust device simulator solution to test and certify the platform for both the functional and non-functional use-cases.

The Infosys Device Simulator is a platform-agnostic solution for simulating edge devices and testing them on an IoT solution by simulating real-life scenarios and executing functional and non-functional test cases. The simulator helps remove the dependency of an actual physical device during the platform development cycle and allows distributed teams to develop and test their connected platform solutions independently.

What are the key features?

  • Configure – Provides the user with a web interface to configure the different attributes of the simulated device setup. This includes bi-directional messages, protocols, payloads, device identity management and definition of telemetry events.
  • Schedule – Tests can be scheduled to run at pre-defined times and at defined intervals to simulate real-life connectivity and communication patterns.
  • Visualize – A rich web interface allows the user to visualize the data communications between the simulated device and the platform.
  • Scale – The solution provides the ability to containerize and deploy multiple simulated devices to mirror real-life scenarios of thousands of active connections and tests to understand how the platform responds to high loads.
  • Extend – Allows the creation of device catalog templates to extend the solution and support new device types.


Device Configuration

Data Payload Configuration

Messaging Protocol

IOT Platform Configuration

Test Results & Reports


Device Factory Service

Telemetry Queue Service

Device Provisioning Service

Bootstrap Service

User Management

Containerized Virtual devices

Device Service 1

Device Service 1

Device Service N > IOT Platform

IOT Platform

Device Simulation reflects real-life scenarios

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  • IoT Platform Agnostic – Works with both standard IoT platforms and custom developed solutions
  • Automated and Configurable – Provides the ability to configure both Device to Cloud (D2C) and Cloud to Device (C2D) communication flows (with standard or custom protocols) as well as automate test scenarios to reflect real-life workloads
  • Benchmarking – Allows for better performance benchmarking for distributed and peak load scenarios
  • User Experience – The solution provides a single pane of glass to configure, plan, run IoT tests and view the reports

Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys Device Simulator Solution removes the dependency on the actual edge devices by providing the platform development team with simulated devices. Modifications to the device software or interface specification performed by device engineering teams can be easily replicated in the simulator.

The Infosys Device Simulator Solution allows viewing and managing all test scenarios and test results from a unified dashboard. It also provides access to previous test configurations and test results.

The Infosys Device Simulator Solution helps simulate actual peak load scenarios by deploying multiple simulated devices and configuring them to connect simultaneously and send pre-configured data payloads. Latency and performance issues can be identified by deploying the simulated devices in the cloud in the desired regions.