Case Study

Multi-plant Standardized Operational Data Store for a Global Chocolate Manufacturer

One of the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer wanted to implement a digital manufacturing solution across multiple factories to improve operational efficiency and productivity. The company sought a service provider to maximize digitization and standardize the data. There was a lack of an integrated data hub with a single source of truth that consolidated data from the plant machines, operations, production process and other systems. Infosys implemented a data hub for 32 plants covering 112 manufacturing lines that are globally distributed. Infosys also developed a digital control tower that provides remote operations capability at a plant.

  • Centralized data across different systems
  • Visualized real-time and historical data for appropriate analysis
  • Improved plant performance analysis and better decision making through consolidated dashboards for business KPIs

Key Challenges

  • Absence of data standardization and KPIs across multiple lines and plants that led to inefficient analysis, reporting and corrective actions
  • Need for data harmonization to synchronize people, equipment and products around the demand signal
  • Gain visibility on constraints (products, assets, workforce and cost) of the plant and supply chain to ensure service reliability
  • No provision for plant performance analysis necessitating operational, yield and quality historical data on shift, daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Lack of scalability and provision to roll out to multiple plants and lines for collaboration across the enterprise

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The Solution

Infosys implemented a digital control factory for plant operational data

  • Real-time monitoring and control of equipment
  • Centralized data repository and global solution to enable historical data reporting for multiple plants
  • Data standardization - Standard and consistent KPI reporting across plants and the organization with a one-stop solution to perform quality and performance analysis
  • Data analysis - Historical data comparison for multiple plants and lines were made available on shift, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis
  • Multi-system integration with plant-based quality systems and plant operational systems to enable a consolidated data view

Solution rolled out across 32 plants and 112 lines

  • The solution, connects factory equipment data to the KPI platform built on PTC ThingWorx, uses PTC Kepware OPC for machine connectivity
  • Centralized data storage on SAP MII (runs on NetWeaver cloud platform)
  • Accessibility of persona-based reports on tablets, smartphones and as web applications


Core platform with safety and security service

20% reduction in SFG, solid and liquid packaging waste

A device simulator was built to test vehicle-device communication

12% increase in capacity utilization

Launched the cloud telematics platform with rich analytics and reporting capability

6% reduction in unplanned downtime

Core platform with safety and security service

5% increase in plant productivity

Core platform with safety and security service

Faster decision making and higher product attainment through seamless system integration

Core platform with safety and security service

Multi-language support

Core platform with safety and security service

Comparative analysis of plants across the globe for better assessment and taking corrective measures

Core platform with safety and security service

Improved transparency on operational performance enabling better decision making