The Infosys Industrial Manufacturing practice applies insights to help enterprises achieve Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) goals. Our sustainability programs enable manufacturing enterprises to analyze data sets and performance metrics to identify emerging risks, evaluate deviations in preset parameters, and determine root causes of sub-par performance. A nuanced understanding of the EHS paradigm enables targeted interventions to prevent incidents.

Infosys partners with industrial manufacturing enterprises to identify key performance indicators across EHS programs, and monitor energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, water usage, effluent treatment, and scrap and e-waste management. Our portal solutions enable EHS teams to encourage a sustainable lifestyle among stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, contractors, and communities. Moreover, our portals support joint initiatives to assess and develop capabilities of suppliers and contractors for industrial safety, occupational health, and environmental protection.

Our IIoT ecosystem reduces the carbon footprint of industrial operations and ensures the wellbeing of local communities through energy demand management, recycling of waste, and prompt response to untoward events. In addition, IIoT systems drive continuous improvement. Significantly, it rationalizes the cost of compliance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Our automated EHS document management system ensures timely internal and external reporting.


Challenges & Solutions

‘Digital twin’ of operational systems helps identify opportunities to minimize the carbon footprint and reduce resource consumption across the enterprise.

IIoT ecosystem enables continuous monitoring, proactive management, and accurate reporting of EHS parameters.

Digital EHS reporting and analytics framework simplifies collection, retrieval and dissemination of technical data as well as audit and compliance.