A leader in compressors and construction techniques was challenged by multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems resulting in multiple versions of the truth. Moreover, enterprise systems could not manage processing more than 3 million transactions annually.

Infosys implemented a Master Data Management (MDM) system to standardize processes, cleanse data, and deliver a single version of the truth for sales, marketing, equipment and pricing data.

Key Challenges

  • Several ERP systems stored the same data, leading to duplication
  • ERP systems had exceptions at country level, resulting in further complexity

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The Solution

Distilled data from multiple ERP systems into a single MDM system

Infosys implemented an MDM system to deliver a single version of the truth across the front office (functional coordinators) and back office (domain coordinators, process owners).

Our team standardized processes and used Structured Query Language (SQL) for data procedures, tables, and storage. Our solution ensured 100% accuracy in data related to customers, materials, and equipment in North America and Europe.

3 million transactions, a single version of the truth

  • Our solution improved customer satisfaction score from 8 to 9.2
  • Our system reduced time-to-market from 2 weeks to 4 hours


Data integrity

Our team cleansed data and eliminated duplication up to 99%, ensuring business users accessed current and reliable data

Consolidation of data gathering

Our team centralized data accumulation to manage processing a huge volume of enterprise data