As the world is grappling with the pandemic, organizations are ensuring that regular precautionary and preventive measures are in place to detect the most common symptom of Elevated Body Temperatures (EBT) of individuals, which is indicative of illness. While manual thermal screening processes have seen a rise in adoption, some of the key challenges are but not limited to:

  • Operator Risk – Requires a full-time operator leading to a potential risk of both the operator and person getting infected
  • Attention lapses – Momentary lapse in attention could result in a potential carrier being allowed into the premise compromising safety
  • Queue Buildups – Handheld thermal scanning approach or unavailability of operators leads to the formation of long queues causing operational delays

Infosys addresses these concerns through an AI-powered Thermal Scanning proprietary solution by utilizing the Infosys Visual intelligence platform, a spinoff of its Autonomous Systems initiative. This solution is a fully automated thermal screening process with zero human involvement. It takes the feed captured by the thermal camera, processes it using the Computer Vision (CV) and AI algorithms on EDGE device in real-time and alerts the concerned team for further examination.

Automated process

Automated process

Real time indication

Real time indication

Integration with Enterprise IT systems

Integration with Enterprise IT systems

Key features include:

  • Highly effective and accurate procedure for measuring elevated body temperature
  • Automated approach utilizing the best of advanced vision and AI techniques
  • Advanced Al and deep learning techniques to isolate the regions of the thermal image for accurate measurement of the human body temperature
  • AI on Edge solution adhering to data privacy standards and guidelines
  • FCC, FDA, IEC and ISO compliant solution

Infosys Advanced Visual Intelligence Solutions to help meet COVID-19 Challenges

  • Proven and deep expertise in Computer Vision, AI on Edge, Deep learning techniques, Autonomous & Robotics systems, Remote Monitoring & Surveillance, Technology Validation and System Integration
  • Exclusive partnership ecosystems and academic relationships in advanced engineering areas, including Robotic Systems, Computer Vision, Sensor Fusion, Autonomous Systems etc.
  • Advanced Mechanical & Electronics Labs to drive innovation

Relieving human operator from risky exposure

Increases screening throughput & reduces queue buildup

Removes risks associated with human lapses that can have associated liabilities

Accurate representation of body temperature interpretation

Scalable for enterprise IT infrastructure integration


Challenges & Solutions

The Infosys solution automates the entire process of measuring EBT, utilizing the best of computer vision and deep learning techniques, thereby eliminating human involvement. It provides near real-time measurement and is highly accurate and effective.

Infosys solution is edge-based and does not store any personal information on any device. Furthermore, it processes the thermal image through which it is difficult to identify the person being scanned.

Infosys uses hardware and software systems which are compliant with various regulations and standards like FCC, FDA, IEC and ISO.

The current AI on Edge solution for EBT can be integrated easily with the downstream badging systems of an enterprise and thus easily scalable.