As enterprises prepare to reopen their offices, factories and stores, they are expected to provide the right environment and tools for employees to maintain social distancing norms and have adequate mechanisms to ensure contact tracing of employees at their work premises. Enterprises must have a privacy-first approach while creating an interaction-specific location diary of employees, which can be useful in case of any COVID-19 infection at their premises.

Infosys Contact Tracing and Social Distancing services provide a holistic approach to prevent virus spread by offering mobile-based and BLE wearable based solutions.

Core services include:

  • Assessment – Assesses the current scenario of enterprises, identifies key needs for social distancing and contact tracing, understands the employees’ profile and nature of work, and suggests the right set of suitable solutions with relevant technologies
  • Compliance – Ensures all solutions comply with local guidelines and regulations
  • Implementation – Implementation of solutions such as wearables-based, mobile-based, GPS versus BLE, perform quality testing, and ensure accuracy and setup server-side applications such as contact analytics dashboards and visualization
  • Change management – Provides the required employee training support for efficient use of the implemented solution

Technology Accelerator

  • Infosys Location Based Services
    Infosys Location Based Services (LBS) platform provides contextual services by considering the geographical location dimension of an individual, device or object. The social distancing and contact tracing services utilizes the Infosys Location Based Services platform to develop individual location diaries while protecting user privacy.

Key Features

  • Mobile App
    • GPS Based Location Diary
    • BLE based Contact Logs
    • Contextual Information – Policies, Doctors, etc.
    • Social Distancing Alert
  • BLE Wearable
    • Social Distancing Alert
    • Contact Logs
  • Contact Tracing and Reporting
    • Social Distancing Violation Reports
    • Contact Tracing

Privacy and Security by Design

  • A Privacy first approach – No PII Information will be stored in the mobile app or BLE wearables
  • Consent driven approach to retrieve contact tracing logs from mobile phone
  • Secured storage and secured communication

Holistic approach for social distancing and contact tracing services


Infosys partnered with the Rhode Island (USA) state government to launch a contact tracing solution called CRUSH COVID RI.

Infosys brings in rich experience in proximity-based sensing technologies such as BLE, RFID, UWB, GPS, Wi-Fi and has implemented solutions for multiple use cases such as field asset tracking, improving asset visibility, MRO optimization and traceability of tool and parts.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Social Distancing and Contact Tracing solution enables faster deployment by providing the right mix of technology best suited for the client’s existing infrastructure and enterprise applications.

Infosys Social Distancing and Contact Tracing services are vendor agnostic and are developed based on the standard protocols supported by varied vendors.

Infosys Social Distancing and Contact Tracing services are designed and developed with scalable and robust architecture, and data stores with no comprise on accuracy and performance.