Teknowlogy Group (PAC) & Infosys whitepaper: IoT implementations in the European manufacturing industry

Teknowlogy Group (PAC), a leading independent European Research and Consulting firm in collaboration with Infosys, co-authored a whitepaper titled 'IoT implementations in the European manufacturing industry – from vision and challenges to best practice examples’.

Several manufacturing companies have a vision of an ideal IoT implementation. Most common approach seems to be around the ability to build different IoT applications on top of an Integrated IoT Data Management Platform – one that allows experimentation, agility and improved scalability. Given the complexity that comes with a plethora of IoT devices, connectivity options along with various data and analytical models, the availability of an ideal IoT platform is not an option for many manufacturing companies. Scarcity of skilled IoT application developers is another key challenge. This impacts not only mid-market companies in Europe but also large global enterprise clients.

`It’s time to go beyond pure bottom-up implementations of individual IoT use cases – leading companies in the European manufacturing industry today think more strategically about IoT and build IT architectures to scale successful POCs much faster across the company.‘
-Arnold Vogt, Principal Consultant & IoT Analyst, teknowlogy Group

This whitepaper covers different best-practice approaches taken by companies in the European manufacturing industry to balance their short-term and long-term goals and to make their IoT initiatives a success.

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