Infosys, as part of its technology incubation and capability demonstration in autonomous technologies, built an autonomous buggy by retrofitting the Infosys Patented Drive by Wire technology to golf carts used on its campuses. The Drive by Wire technology comprises auto braking and navigation system equipped with advanced LiDAR and Vision technologies. The cart has an on-board computer, which is equipped with state-of-the-art AI and a deep learning engine to detect objects, lanes and curbs for navigation. The autonomous buggy technology has matured over a period through continuous innovation, implementation and test cycles.

The buggy manufacturer approached Infosys to commercialize the autonomous buggy and present it to various customers for use in controlled environments like industrial and educational campuses, airports and amusement parks. Infosys is currently working with the buggy manufacturer to commercialize this technology. The buggy manufacturer and Infosys jointly launched the autonomous buggy at WINGS India 2020.

First commercial autonomous buggy will be delivered to one of the leading automotive OEMs shortly.

Key Challenges

  • The autonomous buggy needs to be built from scratch and matured over a period with minimum viable platforms
  • Retrofitting the buggy and seamlessly integrating with the original golf cart with minimal changes
  • Developing both hardware and software stacks followed by integrating them to achieve precise alignment
  • Fusion of various sensor data like LiDAR and Cameras for processing and decision making
  • Real-time sensing of objects and synchronizing the information for autonomous navigation controlling the steering and brake systems
  • Maturing the technology demonstration to a commercially viable product with optimized Bill of Material

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The Solution

The Infosys Autonomous System Platform to drive India’s first autonomous buggy

The Infosys Autonomous System platform integrated with the buggy uses advanced technologies like:

  • Autonomous navigation and path planning
  • Lane and obstacle detection
  • Localization and mapping
  • Software and algorithms for autonomous navigation
  • Hardware technologies – LiDAR, GPS, RADAR, Camera and other sensors

Taking advanced autonomous technologies to industrial use

  • Level 3.5 autonomy for driverless operations with speeds up to 15 Kmph
  • 3D LiDAR Mapping and localization with industry standard accuracy and performance; Multiple redundancies to take care of safety features of the people using the autonomous buggy
  • Obstacle detection and smart obstacle avoidance with configurable modules makes behavior of the system more real-time
  • Unique system and ride experience on riding the first autonomous buggy


A commercially viable and mature autonomous buggy for controlled campus environments

A commercially viable and mature autonomous buggy for controlled campus environments

Launch of India’s first autonomous buggy

Launch of India’s first autonomous buggy

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon

First commercial buggy to be shipped to automotive OEM soon