Powered by the internet, billions of devices generate massive amounts of data. The large-scale connectivity made possible through the Internet of Things (IoT) enables data to be mobilized and solve real-world problems. IoT, the next wave of digital disruption, can address the underlying challenges of efficiencies, data visibility, transparency etc., erupting across different industries and creates value by enhancing the quality of human life, decision-making in business and rendering proactive services to prevent mishaps from occurring. The benefits of IoT apply to the consumer, enterprise and the government making it a “hard to overlook” technology.

At Infosys, we connect people, devices, machines and businesses to make them smarter and better. It is achieved by augmenting intelligence of systems, controlling production processes, enabling remote operations, predicting failures, monitoring human health, designing products and make our environment convenient, secure and sustainable. We enable new services and features for smart connected products and create new revenue streams for OEMs through better service management and warranty management capabilities. With IoT, the end consumer can now receive better products, customized service and value based pricing and directly from the product or service provider without intermediary layers.

As virtual connections and remote environments become more common, capitalizing on ‘IoT-as-a-service’ becomes imperative for enterprises to deliver superior experiences to customers and manage operations better.

Infosys has strong engineering, domain, and IT expertise which allows us to coalesce physical and digital worlds to deliver end-to-end services across the IoT business landscape including consulting, system integration, technology services, platforms and support. With data-driven business models and innovative service offerings, we ensure reliable, secure and scalable solutions which could integrate with enterprise architectures seamlessly. As an ecosystem integrator, we bring together sensors, networks, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud and mobile applications to create relevant & customized solutions for our clients. Moreover, our deep expertise in emerging technologies such as blockchain, 5G, mixed reality and AI complement the IoT services to unleash its full potential. Our mission is to help enterprises prepare for the changing market needs, remain relevant, thrive against competition by embracing disruption.

As an ecosystem integrator, we maximize our extensive partner ecosystem of technology providers such as Microsoft, PTC, AWS, sensor and device partners, academia and industry forums. Our strategy fosters a culture of innovation to help clients embark on the digitalization journey with ready-to-deploy industry solutions, thought leadership, frameworks and methodologies, R&D and co-creation opportunities with the IoT Living Labs.

With industrial IoT, product IoT and smart spaces as the core pillars of IoT, Infosys delivers human-centric solutions that catalyze the adoption of IoT to create a smarter, safer and a better world.