Reimagining The Digital Experience for Australian Open

Infosys and Tennis Australia have joined hands to redefine the tennis experience by leveraging cloud, 3D virtual experiences, AI and mobility. A recent press release further highlights how Infosys is applying technology to take the game to those virtually who are unable to attend the matches physically.

Learn more about the Virtual Hub – Powered by Infosys Meridian – which engages partners of the Australian Open and their guests in premium digital hospitality across the vast expanse of Melbourne Park.


The virtual hub is hosted on Infosys Meridian and includes access to exclusive events plus content related to the Australian Open, players and other onsite activities. It also offers virtual networking, meeting and chat capabilities. The virtual hub can host 12,000 sponsor and partner clients. Read what Navin Rammohan, VP Marketing, Infosys, has to say about bringing the “phygital” experience to the Australian Open.

'Now’ could be tough, but ‘now’ is not where we stop. ‘Now’ is still finding a way to the next. To reinvent the brilliance on court and every moment off it. To make the Australian Open even more of an experience with the next way to play and watch, to engage and immerse. Innovation never stops. Because next never stops.