Industries look to transform themselves into smart digital enterprises and become more efficient and productive. Infosys Industrial IoT services facilitate this transformation by connecting industrial assets, processes, people and systems to enhance enterprise productivity, improve product quality and process efficiency while being resilient to operations and supply chain disruptions.

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How we can help

Deriving insights with real-time data analytics

We can help build technology accelerators to enable faster adoption of SDN and 5G

Transform into Digital Enterprise

Infosys provides solutions for intelligent scheduling for an optimized workforce, machine utilization and in-process quality tracking to reduce wastage, setup of a centralized command center for real-time tracking of the performance management, operational intelligence and asset efficiency. Digital thread driven end-to-end life cycle traceability through a single source of truth. These solutions lead to increased factory OEE and quality, reduced idle time and cost of inventory, accelerated time to market and meeting of customer demands.

We can help enterprises with Smart Network Assurance

Increase your asset performance

Our solutions can carry out remote and real-time monitoring of your assets and perform descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics on the asset health and performance to maximize utilization.

We provide dynamic service and slice management solution for 5G

Increase the productivity of the workforce and ensure safety

Empower your workforce with actionable, augmented intelligence and virtual training to improve productivity and quality, and ensure health and safety compliance.

Our Offerings

Discover a range of solutions & services to transform industrial machines & processes