Case Study

OT Asset discovery for a Mining major

The client had engaged multiple partners to manage operational technology (OT) infrastructure across their mines located in over 20 locations across three continents. This approach resulted in inefficiencies and operations overhead without the requisite RoI and transformational innovation.

The discovery of existing OT assets in its “as-is” state is the first and foremost step towards a centralized technology platform. The client chose Infosys to carry out asset discovery assessment across all locations.

Key Challenges

  • Diverse set of legacy systems from many suppliers installed and commissioned at different times using different standards
  • Non-standard and unreliable information for inventory consolidation due to aging and lack of version management
  • Inconsistent input data from various sources, including tool extracts, installation reports, redline drawings, site photos and plant drawings
  • Retrieving data from multiple software and tools such as configuration and program backups

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The Solution

Infosys automated asset discovery and inventory build to shorten the timeline for overall transition and transformation

Asset visibility data across the globe

  • Documented over 50,000 OT equipment and over 15,000 production applications in more than 20 plants and multiple utility systems
  • Invested in program backups with our partners
  • Created in-house automation tool for faster execution and to reduce manual error
  • Operated as a factory model with dedicated resources for data retrieval, data validation, data population, data validation and consolidation

Technology risk and analysis

  • Identified product lifecycle (active, mature, discontinued)
  • Recommended replacements for discontinued products
  • Verified remote access and security

OT asset discovery framework

  • OT device maturity assessment
  • Technology risk assessment study
  • Solution and roadmap for upgrades or replacement
  • Inputs to OT-IT integration


Core platform with safety and security service

Reliable data inventory because of efficient asset discovery processes

A device simulator was built to test vehicle-device communication

Trusted consolidated database of all OT assets

Launched the cloud telematics platform with rich analytics and reporting capability

Improved asset visibility for structured and proactive lifecycle management planning

Core platform with safety and security service

Obsolescence and risk matrix based on asset aging

Core platform with safety and security service

Renewed strategy for upgrade or replacement of OT assets

Core platform with safety and security service

Developed a detailed list of OT asset inventory using Infosys tools