Industries look to transform themselves into smart digital enterprises to become more efficient and productive. Infosys Industrial IoT services facilitate this transformation by introducing mechanisms to enhance enterprise productivity, improve product quality and process efficiency, and sustain competitive advantage.

It is vital to have connected machines, people and processes to achieve collaborative and integrated operations. The increased availability and uptime of industrial machinery in plants will benefit manufacturers. They can also use relevant information from assets to make informed business decisions. Visibility into customer demand enables the manufacturer to calibrate production and better utilize production lines and labor across plants. Key aspects to consider while defining effective strategies are the disparity between machines, protocols, data, data types, context, systems, process and the complexity of manufacturing process and operations differences.

Infosys enables customers to navigate their digital transformation journey through connected industrial assets, processes, people and systems and use real-time insights to drive RoI based business decisions that help achieve the enterprise vision. Infosys Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions help clients transform their manufacturing production and operations through IT-OT-ET integration. This integration relies on the concept of “Digital Thread” across the product lifecycle from "As-Designed," "As-Manufactured," "As-Operated" to "As-Serviced”.

The offering focuses on consulting, assessment, implementation and support of specific digital manufacturing transformation solutions.

  • Consulting and Advisory services
    We demystify the client’s IoT landscape via design thinking and help define an IoT roadmap with the right technology and suppliers.
    • Industry 4.0 Maturity Assessment – Well-defined framework for the assessment of digital maturity of clients. The framework builds on the co-conceptualized Industry 4.0 maturity index created by Infosys, Aachen University and Acatech Industry Forum.
  • IIoT Implementations and Integration services
    We provide differentiated value through our vast experience in industrial automation, control systems, IT-OT integration and partnerships across sensors/gateway, connectivity, IoT platform and analytics.
    • Platforms, IP & Solutions - Comprehensive end-to-end solutions for different industry domains and IP solutions such as Pharma 4.0, KRTI (based on RAMS model), digital process/ asset twins, remote operations solution, asset optimization framework and OT security solution.
  • Managed Operations
    We provide post-deployment service operations management support to ensure smooth operations 24x7. It includes L1, L2 and L3 incident management and service requests.
As an “ecosystem integrator,” we maximize our extensive partner ecosystem of technology providers, academia and industry forums. Our strategy fosters a culture of innovation to help clients embark on the digitalization journey with ready-to-deploy industry solutions, thought leadership, frameworks and methodologies, R&D and co-creation opportunities with the IoT Living Labs.

Smart Factory

  • Equipment Preventive Maintenance
  • Improved Labor and Equipment Efficiency
  • Optimized Scheduling
  • Digital Twins
  • Operations Intelligence Dashboards
  • Asset/ Inventory Tracking

Smart Factory (CPG process)

  • Zero touch Batch Processing
  • In-line Process and Quality Control
  • Process Deviation Control
  • Waste Reduction

Smart Pharma Manufacturing

  • Electronic Batch Record
  • Weighing and Dispensing
  • FDA Compliance and Analytics
  • Lab Informatics

Digital Oil Fields

  • Reliability based Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Edge Computing on-shore and on premise
  • Asset Lifecycle Management & Compliance

Digital Mines

  • Remote operations of Mines
  • Touchless Operations
  • IT-OT integration Operations management

Smart Utilities

  • Smart Metering
  • Real-time Demand Response Management
  • Leakage detection, efficient operations

Transformation of production and operations in manufacturing through ISA-95 stack integration and digital operations

  • Industry 4.0 and Collaborative Manufacturing
  • End to end machine, people, process and system connectivity with analytic dashboards – described as “Sensors 2 Insights”
  • Designed to enable “Digital Thread”– trace product lifecycle digitally from "As-Designed", "As-Manufactured", "As-Operated" to "As-Serviced“
  • Energy Monitoring and Optimization, Energy Analytics, Energy Demand Forecasting

Sensors, PLCs, Drivers, Controls

SCADA/ Historian

IoT Platform