Case Study

Reliability-based Asset Maintenance for a global Utility company

Fault Tree analysis method is chiefly used in safety and reliability engineering to understand how systems fail and determine functional failure causes.Unexpected downtime of critical and valuable plant assets adversely impacts production, cost of maintenance and delays. A time-based maintenance strategy has its limitations and does not prevent unplanned failures and downtimes.

The operations environment has multiple variabilities that make it too complex to depend only on timely maintenance. A more reliable data-driven predictive maintenance approach apart from a preventive maintenance approach is needed for the critical assets of a plant.

A clean energy utility company chose Infosys for implementing reliability based maintenance for its valuable assets. Infosys developed a comprehensive Fault Tree Analysis database and tool to facilitate informed maintenance decisions.

Key Challenges

  • Lack of relevant digital data about previous machine failures and health conditions
  • Lack of proper failure modes and analysis of the critical assets with digitized fault database
  • Absence of a common tool for fault tree creation
  • Lack of standard data format from OEMs
  • Absence of contextualization with other system data with assets or cross-referencing with related assets
  • Absence of historical data of failure events leading to manual and time-consuming troubleshooting process
  • Non-digitized repository leading to poor knowledge retention amongst employees

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The Solution

Infosys, as a turnkey solution provider, delivers a smart asset troubleshooting solution

Automated cause path detection

  • When a user selects the cause during refute process, the tool detects cause path automatically helping the user identify and focus on potential faults or defects

Contextualized asset and knowledge base

  • The tool includes options to analyze the output generated by selecting the associated primary and related equipment
  • The tool has options to associate knowledge material (user manual, SOPs) with Fault Tree and events within it
  • It provides an integrated view of equipment assets across all sites with Fault Trees

Quality Checks

  • The tool periodically validates the Fault Tree to ensure the integrity of information

Cloud-based Hosting

  • The tool is hosted on AWS cloud to take advantage of horizontal scalability (serverless architecture)

Automated Actionable Insights

  • Integrating and mapping manual troubleshooting mechanisms with process control system events
  • enable actionable insights to plan for future maintenance.

Role-Based Workflows

  • The tool allows the administrator to assign right permissions to the right persona Scalability
  • Scalable across all lines of businesses and geographies


Core platform with safety and security service

30%-40% reduction in troubleshooting hours

A device simulator was built to test vehicle-device communication

40%-45% increase in asset performance reliability

Launched the cloud telematics platform with rich analytics and reporting capability

50%-65% increase in the traceability of issues

Launched the cloud telematics platform with rich analytics and reporting capability

2%-5% increase in asset visibility