Case Study

Implementation of Fleet Efficiency and Safety Solution for a Global Automaker

Absence of real time fleet monitoring system and an integrated data hub were causing inefficiency and safety concerns in fleet operations for a large automotive company.

The client chose Infosys as their partner of choice to build a cloud based integrated data hub solution with real time tracking of location and safety of a fleet of school buses with an aim of mitigating risks and managing daily operations making them efficient and reliable.

Key Challenges

  • Applications involved in planning daily routes, driver assignment, managing driver overrides and other operational functions were not in sync
  • Inability to detect safety alerts like over speeding, stop signs at designated stops
  • Lack of data collection mechanism from buses and drivers

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The Solution

Infosys delivers an efficient fleet management solution for buses across 450 locations

Real Time Tracking of School Buses

  • Real time ingestion of telemetry events from school buses into a single cloud based platform - totaling 27 million events per day
  • On-the-fly stream analysis to detect vehicle stop and door open events, and red flagging if that is not in designated geo fence
  • Real-time ETA calculation and notifications provided to the parent’s mobile app

Increased Fleet efficiency

  • Built an intelligent and efficient planning module to perform daily planning of routes and stoppages in an optimized manner
  • Integration of driver and parent app for smoother operations and communications
  • Provision for drivers to change plan and merge runs through the driver application
  • Automating driver payroll processing based on journey data collected from buses en route and driver sign-in/sign-out
  • Integration with big data and analytics to discover areas which needed optimization

Future ready fleet management solution while optimizing costs

  • Built on serverless architecture to provide a zero-cost solution when the buses are idle and not running
  • Scalable architecture to reduce lead time for new business in new school districts
  • High performing solution


Core platform with safety and security service

Real time monitoring and reporting of 44,000 buses across 450 locations

A device simulator was built to test vehicle-device communication

Real-time visibility and communication to parents and schools increased customer satisfaction score

Launched the cloud telematics platform with rich analytics and reporting capability

Increased efficiency of fleet operation by real time data flow through 15+ integration points